Essentially the most prolific researcher within the area of overtone singing is a person with many faces. This film is a narrated tour of Tomoka State Park. The film begins with the history of the park. The narrator explains that the park, which overlooks the Halifax River, was the location of a Timucua Indian village known as Nacorroco. The movie reveals varied park facilities, including: picnic areas, playgrounds restrooms, a restaurant and concession stand. Other scenes embody shots of the Fred Dana Marsh Museum, and the Tomoka and Halifax river access factors for fishing and boating.
These harps are forged for hundreds of years in the same manner by hand. The blacksmith which manufacture this lives on a mountain in the Maramures Mountains and is one of the last smiths in Europe, which manufacture this harps like final some hundred years. He actually leads from each step of the wire to the finished jaw harp by hand, as a result of no electrical energy or different trendy tools can be found. Each bit is absolutely unique, so the image may vary slightly.
This film tells a extremely romanticized story of oranges and the citrus trade in Florida. Citrus cultivation and production at Dr. Phillips' Citrus Company is covered on each level, from seedling grafting to packing and canning. The film has an amazing Fifties era really feel. There are parts that are lacking frames and there may be some audio deterioration, however the general high quality is sort of good. Produced by Dr. Phillips Citrus Firm.
This film shows an indication of an early automatic typewriter. An individual types a letter and the knowledge is punched into a paper roll. The roll is performed again like a participant piano, and the punches set off the typewriter. Produced by the Florida Development Commission.
Greater than 15 years in the past, Oleg, a programmer primarily based in St Petersburg, purchased a Vargan, also referred to as the Mouth (or Jaw) Harp, as a souvenir. Oleg began enjoying it as a interest and spent time shopping for information on its historical past and producers throughout Russia. He then created the most informative online resource about its culture and traditions, which as we speak unites many fans worldwide.
Many of the devices I discovered about whereas exploring timbre and overtones, I have never seen or learnt to play. There are some exceptions: I've been fiddling round with the Vietnamese dan bau (a particular type of monochord or one-stringed zither found only in Vietnam), the didgeridoo (yedaki in one of the indigenous terms), the igil or horse-head fiddle from Tuva, gongs, singing bowls and musical bows and mouth bows of the Xhosa.
The Trump, or Jew's Harp, is a small reeded musical instrument which is held to the enamel or lips and resonated by the mouth cavity. Additionally referred to as Jaw Harp or Juice Harp, a more ancient title of "TRUMP" is gaining acceptance. The instrument has hundreds of names around the world.
French flute participant and composer Jean-Luc Thomas travels the world performing with, and studying from, musicians from international locations as diverse as Brazil, Niger, India and Ireland. "Everyone was my instructor," he says. Most just lately, as co-composer of the rating for Ex Anima by avant-garde circus and equestrian artist Bartabas, he's been learning from horses.
The highest harp is made of one piece and these get known as 'dan moi'. They are enjoying in front of the mouth and don't need to touch the tooth. This film shows the Capitol and downtown Tallahassee with Christmas decorations. Produced by WFSU-TV. Grandmother Berta, mother Maria and daughter Michaela Schwarz make music collectively on the Jaws harp. They're accompanied by daughter Lisa-Maria-Schwarz on the zither.
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